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Autobiography Of An Unknown Artist 6

On January 3 my first daughter was born Luna, her mother and I decided to marry shortly after that. I eventually dissolved the band sold all my things and flew to Florida where my mom was to meet my wife and her 9 month old Grand daughter.

I spent six month in Florida with my aunt, uncle, cousins and sister, I worked doing some marble and tile installations at my uncles business and eventually bought a van. Old Chevy but looked great, fixed it up and on the first of may 2000 took off for California.

The trip would last almost three month stopping and sight seeing the U.S. and living off a rented apartment in Buenos Aires that was gifted to us for our wedding. While in California for some time driving up and down the beautiful PCH, to and from San Fransisco. At some point the question my partner and I asked ourselves was where to now? Half of my band had moved to Spain after we broke up and I had one connection in Mexico. I was a no brainer in Mexico out Dollars would go much further.

Drove down to Puerto Vallarta, rented a home after one day of being there, three blocks form the beach it was paradise. I started busking with my guitar at the boardwalk to make money for food and extras. One day walking home from a hard hour of work under the blaring sun, I ran into an Argentinian guy who was a sax player, we chatted for a bit and he turned me on to a jam that was going on that night at a bar a few blocks from home.

That night I showed up and watched the band for a while, at some point the sax player signals over to me to come sing, I didn’t hesitate. I did one song with the band and thought it was enough and gave my good bye waves to all my new musician friends. The next day at around noon I was on my terrace getting high and on the hammock just kicking back before I was gonna head to do my hour of work on the boardwalk, when I hear in the distance a faint voice. “Hielo,,,,Hielo!!” and if you know Spanish you could easily confuse the word, hielo which means ice, for Chello, and it would not be unheard of that some one may be walking around selling ice on the streets as they do with water and gas, so I didn’t pay much attention, but as the voice came close and I could understand it better they where yelling Chello.

End Of Part 6

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