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Autobiography Of An Unknown Artist 5

In the mid 90’s I was compelled to visit my home land where I was born and did after returning form one of the European tours. My stay was only going to be a month since I had rehearsals in New York for a new opportunity that came up to go to Hong Kong in the next three months.

While my visit in Argentina I got a call that unfortunately the prospect of the tour to Asia where not going to pan out and at that moment I decided in an instant to stay in Buenos Aires and try my luck there.

New York was not an easy place to gig by any means, I struggled to get gigs then to promote and to get people to go, it was a lot of work. Turns out it’s true what they say “No one is a prophet in their own land”. In Buenos Aires I immediately got a gig at at The Hard Rock Cafe with good pay, within a month, and I was able to put together a 14 piece band. I got to use all my skill sets from organizing rehearsals, song keys, managing players schedules etc, and my performance, this was a great moment.

Our first gig was a blast and a total success after that I signed with a management company that booked me gigs all over town all top places and I had a great sounding band.

After a year with the company I broke from the contract and began booking myself with a smaller formation of six players and did live T.V., concerts for all major brands, weddings, conferences. Dachance became the house band at the Hard Rock Cafe playing six nights a week for well over two years.

End Of Part 5

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