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Autobiography Of An Unknown Artist 3

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Songs where mostly about racial or humanity issues, things that somehow I felt compelled to write about, but then love songs came into play too. I was mostly a lyric writer with no real musical background I didn’t know where to begin to actually compose a song without the help of my band mates.

It didn’t take long for me to find out that I needed to be able to express myself with or with out other musicians to get my point across and this came most defiantly when the band broke up after 3 and a half years of touring.

Once I was without my backing band and had to face the music world on my own I dug deeper into the theory that I had learned in high school and directing my favorite songs from artist like, Prince, Michael Jackson and Bowie, to see what they where doing and if I can some how reach anywhere near what they have accomplished with the lyrics I had.

I moved to Brooklyn with JJ Sans guitar player, I wrote and wrote and wrote, songs poetry, I used my sequencer till the buttons fell off and I learned how to play bass just playing over my favorite songs. JJ had a producer friend who needed a place to put his recording studio, I gave up my bedroom to set it all up there. Another friend of mine had a drum set and needed a place to put it so his drums found a home in our living room, it was chaos, but all music.

End Of Part 3

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