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Autobiography Of An Unknown Artist 4

I lived watching everything the producer did on a 24 channel mixing board, with outboard gear a one inch reel to reel 8 channel Tascam and a small mac computer this was in the early 90’s so we used a hybrid of analog and digital for recording. I did my first productions for other artist there and began my engineering school all in one step.

I pounded the drums and had good rhythm, there where guitars around for me to play with and keyboards it was like being in a candy shop, I didn’t know what to do with half of this stuff but I learned one by one.

From this apartment in Brooklyn I became friends with a promoter looking to take over a band from New York to Europe for a grand opening of a restaurant, I quickly jumped on the opportunity and found a band who needed a singer and I was a singer without a band so perfect match.

I would eventually become good friends with the promoter and his brother who I still keep a dear friendship with to this day. I would be hired for the next three years to be the musical director and tour manager for the bands brought over and I would play in all of them. I had a song released in Europe one year called “Sexy On Me”the song would play on the radio almost every night as I would be in taken to the gig, was cool.

End Of Part 4

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