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Autobiography Of An Unknown Artist 2

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Performance was something I must say was innate, never did I need coaching of any special teachers to tech me to perform, I was only shy in the presence of a few people and I had an evolving ego that would help in casting me off on stage at any time to do my thing.

By the time I graduated high school which was almost a miracle, I found myself involved with a group that would tackle all of my innate and learned crafts as a performer and my newly found musical talents.

Playing an instrument or writing music was not in my radar as of yet, I was still mostly a dancer and had good rhythm to play percussion. I always wrote poems while in English class and eventually found a productive outlet for this to develop.

In the band there was a full cast, drums, bass, guitar, sax and a vocalist, so I came on a percussionist and dancer. Soon I began incorporating lyrics I had to songs the band had and this spawned my curiosity as a writer.

I later began to noodle around with some early programing, I invested and got a sequencer and keyboard where I would lock down ideas in there most primitive form. With a tape of my new ideas I would present them to the band and many of my creations where considered and then used for the bands repertoire.

End Of Part 2

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