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Chello Dachance Musician EPK

Chello Dachance
Bio - Music - Career - Passion - Beliefs - Goals..

Marcelo Diaz De Villegas ( also known as Chello Dachance ) is an accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and dancer whose passion for musical storytelling began during his teenage years. Embarking upon his creative career in the heart of New York City in the 90s, he ultimately started touring across the globe, from Argentina, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. Widely known for his eclectic, diverse approach, his musical style showcases a seamless crossover of Indi, Soulful, Pop, and Funk with Spanish undertones and direct influences from music legends Prince, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie. FOR MORE..


Featured Song Release
She's Gonna Break, is out !! And yes,, you can download it for free or buy which ever is best for you. I thank you my Patron who believe in me and in what I'm doing. Every day in every way working to be better. Manifesting songs that positively transform lives. 


Show's in Los Angeles, New York, Argentina & Mexico

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